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Travels #3

A Great Wolf Lodge opened up about an hour from us a while ago - maybe 4-5 years ago. We finally tried it out last summer for an overnight - and it was great - at least great for a family with a kid. We went back last February around my daughter’s birthday for another overnight. It was cold out and there was snow on the ground, so it was nice to go play in the water and pretend it was summer. The only thing was that in the summer they have their outside pools open too - and the pool bar - which, of course, wasn’t available in February. Well - our two overnight trips were fun - but too short and very busy - trying to cram everything in. You check in - hang out in the water park all day - go back to the room and change - get some food and go play games - and then the next morning it’s time to check out. You can stay the whole day after checking out, but now you are living out of the trunk of your car and a locker. So this summer - in July - we are going to head back - this time for a couple days. It’s nice having things like this pretty close to us. 

Our next trip is only a couple weeks later - and it’s not pretty close - it’s actually on the other side of the continent and is our big adventure for the year.

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Travels #2

So just about every year in May my wife and I go to New York City for a long weekend - a couple times we have taken our daughter with us - like last year when we took her to see Annie and to the American Girl store and to the Natural History Museum - this year we decided to stay closer to home - so we are all going up to the mountains in May - staying in a lodge on Skyline Drive - going to Monticello, some wineries, Luray Caverns, a bunch of hiking - the lodge has a cool restaurant overlooking the valley - and it gets a lot of wildlife in the evenings - it’s not nyc but we’ll have fun - and save a bunch of money to use on our big trip later in the summer.

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Travels #1

We’ve got lots of travels planned for this year - the first is in a few weeks - a little overnight to Richmond during Spring Break - we used to go to Richmond every year for the weekend for the CAA basketball tournament in early March - then ODU switched conferences - and a long time tradition went up in smoke - so last year we started a new tradition - go up to Richmond overnight during spring break - do all the things that are cool - Carytown - the toy store - Rostov Coffee and Tea - eating - drinking - hanging out in our hotel - the book store - and then hit Busch Gardens on the way home…

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