This is, of course, a very powerful song of U2’s that is amazing when seen live - which I’ve been lucky enough to witness a number of times - but the most memorable time I have seen this song performed wasn’t even by U2 - my wife and I were visiting New York City for a long weekend years ago and were hanging out in one of our favorite bars in the village - and they had this guy playing the guitar - and he had the best taste in music - and he played this song - just him and his guitar - and it was mesmerizing…

I just found out that that bar closed late last year and now I’m heartbroken. It was the Slane Public House on MacDougal. The story is that they didn’t go out of business but were kicked out by the owners - who have a big money deal with developers. It really makes me not want to go back to New York. Slane had a lot of ties to U2 - it was an Irish bar named after Slane Castle - which was on the cover of The Unforgettable Fire - and where U2 has played a number of huge shows. Bono used to come in sometimes when he was in town and there was a photo of him and the owner behind the bar. We used to go there on every trip to New York. Guinness and the breeze from the large open windows, the game on and U2 playing….

The City

  • Joe Purdy
  • Only Four Seasons

Grand Central Station and got wind they’re coming on
And the goodness yesterday
No one round oh and I still recognize
Her after all these years and she still looks the same
She still looks the same

The city keeps on going
We just keep on rolling
The city keeps on going
We just keep on rolling, rolling on, rolling on