People and Sleep

A couple of experiences these past few days to prove once again just how rotten and self centered people can be.

The other night at our hotel - at 3am - a couple guys are in the hallway yelling and laughing real loud. Of course they end up in the room right next to us. The one dude is singing. More laughing, banging into walls. 3am. More people show up. Doors closing loudly - all kinds of noise - for hours. My daughter sleeps right through it. My wife wakes up but then falls back asleep. I’m wide awake - because I’m mad. And now that I’m awake - my mind is racing with all the thoughts that tend to haunt me - no sleep that night.

This morning at 8:30 the next door neighbors are outside in their back yard - which is right outside our bedroom - having an Easter egg hunt. It’s cold and windy and Sunday morning at 8:30. And they are loud. Because nobody else exists in the world. But them.

At 9am - the lawnmowers start up.

We’ve spent our whole adult lives trying to do the right things. Trying to not be inconsiderate and rude. Putting other people ahead of ourselves. But what we get in return is hordes of people who sit right in front of us in movie theaters, do nothing about crying babies in restaurants, put the seat back on airplanes, bring ipads to events to take video and pictures and block the view, leave dogs outside to bark early in the morning or late at night, etc, etc.

It’s quite tiring…

It’s travel time - Heading to Richmond - first stop - Rostov’s - tea replacement - getting into a green tea kick - need to check out what they have - and it’s a cool place…