• U2
  • No Line On The Horizon

Every day I
  - die again and again I’m reborn

Every day I
  - have to find the courage to

Walk out
  - into the street

With arms out
  - got a love you can’t defeat

Neither down or out
There’s nothing you have
  - that I need,

I can breathe,
  - breathe now


We are people born of sound,
The songs are in our eyes.
Born to wear them like a crown, oh.

Walk out
  - into the sunburst street

Sing your heart out,
Sing my heart out.
I found grace inside the sound,
I found grace, it’s all that I found.

And I can breathe,
  - breathe now.


It shows how petty and misguided some members of Western society are that they rile against a free U2 album and not the ongoing damage we do to the planet, how society treats women, minorities and people who don’t conform to societal norms.   But yeah man, fuck Bono for even trying. Shit they could have given you all a free Robin Thicke album…


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Is it too much to expect a little respect from millennials for one of the biggest bands in the history of rock, not to mention some gratitude for a rare gesture of corporate generosity? Who are these trolls and why do their hateful, ignorant comments keep popping up in the social media?

U2 deserves respect [x] (via issnane)

- Exactly…

(via issnane)

So I got all the tile cut and put down in my bathroom floor project - up for today is grouting - then I need to get the molding shoes - cut and install - then get the new toilet - and then I think I’m done - finally…

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